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Give-Away Celebration:

Hullo reader,
    I didn't use the plural in my greeting because I'm fairly certain I've only got just the one reader still following my very sporadic postings here on Live Journal.  Booking the Face and Pinterest, and Twitter all seem to be the rage these days.  While I maintain pages on FB and Pinterest, I never Tweet.  This is mainly because I am incapable of sticking to a mere 255 characters.  So much meaning must be left out of the message that way.

    But, I digress.  This past week my ETSY shop reached 1,500 sales.  Each time I either get a notice that one of my pieces has sold, or one outlining someone's request for a custom order I feel a little frisson of delight mingled with a soupcon of surprise.  I somehow doubt that I'll ever get fully accustomed to the thought that people out there want what i make.

   Because of how glad I am that there are people in the world like you, i'm putting up for grabs the copper and brass infinity bracelet pictured below.   To enter this drawing is quite simple.

Between now and the last day of May I will be accepting E-mail entries to Ldy_mockingbird@yahoo.com

Use the Subject:  Infinity Bracelet Drawing
Include your full name and your mailing address in the body of the message.
Please include a note about which of my past pieces appeals to you and why.  I might just find inspiration for new pieces from the words you share with me.

Once the drawing closes, I will use an online random number generator to 'pull a name from the hat.'  Ordinal numbers will be assigned to your name based on when your message arrives.  So the first message will be number 1, the second number 2 and so on.
Bronze&CopperGiveAwayBracelet (1)Bronze&CopperGiveAwayBracelet (4)

This hand sculpted and woven Copper and Bronze wire bracelet has an inner circumference of 7.5 inches and is designed to pass over your hand much like a bangle.  There is no clasp and the joining rings are soldered closed.


is it me?

It must be you...

Since you are the only one who responded. There might be one or two other diehards out there. Like Varuska, but I'm not certain. Grin.

Aaaand we have a Winner.

Congratulations to Melissa who won the bracelet give-away.