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Balancing Act - Fulfilling Client Requests while still carving out time to create new designs.

The past few months it has been a fight to keep making time to flesh out the new ideas in my head.  And I'm definitely doing less of that than I was before the holiday shopping season of 2013.  Part of me misses the time when I wasn't actually making a living doing art because during my non-day job hours, I got to play and experiment and venture in any creative direction that pulled my focus.

Now, I tend to stay within the boundaries of my niche market even when creating new things.  Part of the rationale for that, is the need to expand my offerings within my niche market so that I can grow the business.  Another part of that, is by focusing down, I waste less money purchasing oddball supplies I might never use again after experimenting with a new-to-me medium.   And the final part of my thinking on this, is that staying within certain boundaries allows me to push my skills to improve.

But I still try to obsess less about the orders I've not yet completed, when an inspiration strikes and I feel impelled to put something brand new on my bench.  I like to think of these moments (though fewer than in the past) as mental health breaks.  They keep me from starting to see production work as a chore, even though it often means now, that it will take me weeks, sometimes months to get one new design completed.

Today I finished up one brand new collar design.  I worked the prototype in stainless steel and titanium.  It is in the tumbler now.  And I want to do another in sterling.  But first, I need to start in on a new collar design inspired by a ring tutorial by IMNIUM.