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On making and propitious inspiration that seemingly arrives out of the blue...

As is usual, at least for the past 9 months, I've been kept busy with my ETSY shop.  This means I have to carve out time, squeeze it in when I should be sleeping, or when I ought to be keeping up with product photography, the accounting, the social networking, etc.  So, though making new pieces is what will keep my shop fresh, and my repeat clients coming back, I always feel guilty when I put all of those other responsibilities aside to play with new ideas.  The guilt comes because for me, making just for the sake of exploring ideas is absolutely play time.

Now I'm extraordinarily fortunate that I have been able to make what I love into my full-time job and I still very much enjoy fulfilling client requests, and doing the production work on my made-to-fit designs.  However, there is nothing, nothing in this world that lifts my spirits and makes hours feel like minutes than those times when I'm at my bench experimenting with new constructs.  Even better is when my initial plans suddenly take a left turn and become something completely different, something that when finished delights me no end.

That is what happened this evening when I sat down to work with some leftover bits of Trichinopoly that I've had set aside to turn into woven band style rings.   I'd used a short leftover piece last year to make into a band, by first flattening the weave and secondly using more wire to weave the two ends closed.   It made a lovely, slightly flexible and seriously comfortable ring, which sold fairly quickly.   I'd intended at that point to turn the rest of the short pieces (which I'd been collecting for a couple of years as I'd make necklaces and bracelets to size and would often have a short segment left over.  Too little to make into a bracelet and too large to simply send back for a scrap wire return credit.  So tonight I set aside some time, and set to work turning the first and most intricate triple weave remainder into a ring.   And I could have stopped once I finished weaving the ends together.  The ring looked lovely, but it also, to me looked too bare.

It was while looking through my gemstones, swarovski crystals, and other random tidbits that I found something that gave me an AHA! kind of brainstorm.   And over the next four hours I worked, completely absorbed, oblivious to thirst, hunger, or anything outside of the lighted area on my bench.   The end result is something you'll have to wait to see, as I've got to put on the final polish and then get photos.   It is also something that will only ever be One-of-a-kind because this kind of inspiration plus perspiration deserves a solitary place in the world.  I'm so excited about it that I felt compelled to sit right down and write what happened and how it makes me feel.

Even better, because of how this one worked, I've got a slew of ideas on how to make other pieces, similar to, but not identical.   Isn't fantastic how one sudden spark, lights up additional possibilities for all sorts of variations?   Ok back to my bench, but stay tuned there will be pictures in the next few days.