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Keeping up and Catching up.

It has been a busy busy summer, and that's turned out to mean no posting here on LJ for me.  I've been dividing my time between making jewelry, selling said jewelry, and managing my online presence.  Unfortunately, writing journal entries tends to get shoved down to the bottom of the priority list, in favor of less time intensive things like status updates on FB, photo uploads to Flickr, and Pinterest posts.

So, I've been remiss.  Probably a good thing then, that my readership is quite small though loyal.   This past month I've even had to procrastinate on product photography, so much so that I ended up with an entire small carton of things that needed pictures.  I forced myself to do a monster session and even managed to fit in photos of pieces I'd made way back in the summer for a local Library Exhibit. Of course those had to wait until the Exhibit was over, and I had them back in hand.  So, I'm sharing a few of them with you here.  Simple, petite and 100% wire sculpted into stud earrings.

What have you all been up to while I was over in FaceBook land?
18gSterlingDoubleSwirls (4)
18GSterlingHeart (2)
18GSterlingHearts2 (4)
18GSterlingKnots (3)
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20GCopperHeartStuds (3)
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20gCopperVines (1)