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Fairy Coracle a Story and a new piece of Mockingbird Lane Jewelry

As I was adding the Keishi, Biwa, and Rice Freshwater pearls to this fold formed copper pod, it came to me that I was fulfilling a magical tale. You see each spring the little folk, fill a small coracle with iridescent treasures meant as gifts for the water sprites whose enthusiastic antics during Spring snowmelt time, sometimes turns more destructive than strictly necessary to keep the balance between water and the other elements of fairyland. So the woodland sprites, the sylphs, air elementals, stone trolls etc, each send a small gift when the weather first turns warm. From Sylvan glades the final fallen leaf is magically preserved so it can serve as the vessel carrying the gifts. Stone trolls share a tiny grain of sand that other sprites carry to the deep lakes feeding them to mollusks, clams and other freshwater bi-valves. Later the air elementals dry and polish the resulting pearls, before the dryads breath more color onto some of the pretty treasure. All are loaded into the coracle, and it is floated onto a still pond under the first spring moon. As it floats miniscule wavelets splash against the hull waking up phosporescent lights that will call the naids to claim their gifts and seal a bargain first made before mankind ever lived.